OMG morels!

Before saute and saturation process

Friends of mine were gifted with these morels and were kind enough to invite me over to share. This is generosity of a rare kind. We sauteed them in lots of butter and a bit of finely diced onions (shallots were not available), added half and half, and then poured the yummy mess over linguine. Heaven!

Coincidentally, I had just been visiting Mt. Zion (more on why another time), which is just down the road from Muscoda, which is Wisconsin’s Morel Capital, at peak morel time, which means in theory I should have spotted one for sale. I didn’t. But I did try searching for them in the wooded areas near my lodgings, and realized quickly that I am a rank amateur in the morel-hunting business. I think it’s something I may need to learn, someone told me they are going for $49 a pound. Oy.

The Muscoda Morel Festival is this weekend, maybe I need to go!


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