Embarrassing myself for a good cause

As part of the marketing and development team at Public Allies, one of my charges is to support fund-raising efforts. Beside the fact that this organization employs me, I love the mission of Public Allies and therefore this is a labor of love.


Creative ideas do have their drawbacks. When we came up with the concept of a series of super-hero videos built around Public Allies’ five core values, I had no issue with the chance to camp it up. I figured everyone else would look fabulous in capes and masks, and I’d just shoot and edit video. This, I was informed, did not represent the proper team spirit.

I becameĀ obliged to appear in one of the videos. I’ve linked to it here.

Does my hair look OK?

Oh and by the way please give! Just $18 will help ease the pain of my embarrassing over-acting. Click here! Or, simply become a Public Allies Cause member, we are also trying to build our Cause membership.

Also appearing in this video are my game colleagues Eric Maynard, RoseMary Oliveira, and David McKinney. Thanks guys!

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