Favorites from Lakefront Festival of the Arts

Went to the Lakefront Festival of the Arts yesterday with my friends Carrie and Mary Louise. The weather was glorious — finally, an unequivocal summer day — and grand to run into so many old friends there. My appetite is bigger than my wallet at these events, so I am fond of collecting artists’ cards for future possibilities. Here are the ones I collected. You’ll see I have a particular weakness ceramics. If you’re going today, stop by and check them out! Or go to their websites. (Don’t forget that there are booths inside the museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, some of my favorites were there.)

Eshelman Pottery.

We thought this work would be perfect for a post-modern decor. I love the clean, crisp look of it. The casserole pictured here comes in white, too, which was my favorite. And check out the fabulous trays.

Booth 137.

Winthrop Byers Stoneware

Stoneware can be very casual and great for everyday use, which this is (oven= and dishwasher-safe, etc.). But I think this work is also modern-looking. Love the glazes. The bowls, for their size, were very reasonably priced. I bought one as a wedding gift but don’t tell!

His booth is inside the museum (show your wristband to get in)

Patrick Dragon

I liked the vessels in the series shown here. Beautiful, intricate designs on the outside, gorgeous things happening with the glaze on the inside. The most affordable ones were awfully tempting: much less intricate designs, fewer colors, but the simplicity appealed to me very much. Wish I had chatted with him about how he get the surface to look this way.

Booth 104

Rick Hintze

One of his vases was my runner-up for a wedding gift. I went for utility over decoration, with some regret. His pots have interesting shapes and surface patterns, and the colors hit my personal sweet spot. I couldn’t find images of my favorites, which were vases glazed in blood-red. The pot shown here has a lid and would make a nice gift.

Booth 89

George Lowe

I’ve seen this guy around the craft-fair circuit for a long time and when I’ve purchased one of these sweet oval vases as a gift, it’s been a hit (easy to fit on a narrow shelf or mantel). I’d call his work cabin-friendly, with a kind of rustic look. I love his colors and glazes. And it’s pretty affordable, too.

Booth 125

Paintings and drawings by Sarah Giannobile

She was showing some paintings for $175 that wouldn’t need framing, and I wanted one! Not in the budget, though, so I had a $7 glass of wine at Cafe Calatrava, instead.

Booth 36 (also inside the museum)

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