And now for something cheerier

Every office has someone who likes to decorate. At Christmas, it might be garland artfully looped under a shelf. Spring brings daffodils and pastels. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, red hearts are de rigueur. I consider myself lucky enough to be working with a group of quite tasteful and restrained people. To be honest, there isn’t much in the way of festoonment in my workplace, and that’s generally fine by me. The one occasional exception is R. She had some quite lovely lilacs set out this spring, and hydrangea in the summer. One day ¬†recently I noticed a small array of colorful gourds had been set on the ledge that frames her cube. No skeletons and witch hats. What a relief.

So imagine my disappointment when I arrived one morning to see that someone had stabbed one of those petite gourds with a pair of scissors, and pasted a photocopied image of “The Scream” on said gourd.

I found this disturbing.

Now, I don’t think anyone meant anything by it. R. seemed wryly amused. Early Halloween hijjinks. We’re all adults. Some people I respect actually like the Chucky films.

Nonetheless, I decided one evening after everyone had left to make a quiet point about cutlery in the workplace. I removed the scissors and pasted the Mona Lisa’s face over “The Scream.”

R. and I had a little laugh about it and that was that, until this morning. I noticed that the Mona Lisa and the Scream face were both still adhered to two of her gourds and she said (wryly), yes. I have decided it is an installation.

Oh? I replied.

Yes, and it’s titled “Great Faces in Art Stuck to Gourds.”

I laughed so hard that I decided to make this video.

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