Office Supply Moment: Writersblok notebooks

This Office Supply Moment is dedicated to my friend Deborah, a fellow Office Supply Addict. I am indebted to her for her Office Supply wisdom.

I found these little notebooks in Posman Books at Chelsea Market during my NYC visit. I love them because:

* They are slim and lightweight. They easily fit into a purse, inside jacket, or jeans pocket, and have a reasonable number of pages. The smallest is 5.5″ by 3.5″ and the largest are 10″ by 7.5″.

* They are extremely afforable (my 3-pack of the medium graphed pages cost $7).

* They are nicely crafted, with a stitched binding and a handy little pocket in the back and yet they’re designed to be used. Unlike some notebooks, which are pricer and more Highly Crafted, they invite you to use them. Some notebooks say I AM MADE FOR GRAND THOUGHTS. These say, Hey, let’s hang out!

* 2% of sales from this line goes to literacy-related programs around the country. A little piece of paper slipped into my notebooks said that one place being supported is 826NYC “here in New York City,” a nonprofit that helps young people with writing skills.

* They come in several choices of page styles — lined, graphed, dotted or blank.

* Some are made from bamboo.

* They are supple and easily flatten when you’re writing in them.

Here’s a link:

And that is my Office Supply Moment.


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2 responses to “Office Supply Moment: Writersblok notebooks

  1. Jimmy

    Interestingly enough, I’m pretty sure that they have them at Beans and Barley!

  2. Jimmy, I wouldn’t be surprised! I have found some of my favorite office supplies there. I’ll have to check soon.

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