Shocking and amazing! Roadside attractions in the Driftless area

A windowful of antlers in Viola. Or LaFarge.

As I’ve documented before, I do a lot of driving around during my weekends in southwest Wisconsin. This past weekend, we had two friends along and decided to take a different route, heading to Viola and La Farge. Three times during the trip, we told our driver: STOP! TURN AROUND! (He is a patient man.)

STOP! Time Number One: An Antler Installation in Viola (actually, we now can’t recall, it might have been La Farge — anyone out there know?). Someone had converted empty storefront windows in an empty building to a vast collection of hunting trophies. That’s a lot of bucks. And yes, hunting season had begun in this part of the state.

Really, really big squash on Rte. 61, near Mt. Zion.

STOP! Time Number Two: A lineup of gigantor squash set out along Rte. 61. I think they might have been hubbard squash, but at this size who knows? For the record, sticking my head inside one of them was a little smelly.

We didn’t get a photo of STOP! Time Number Three, which happened when Deborah spotted a beautiful Siamese case in an alley, and made our Patient Driver stop so she could roll down the window and coo at it.

(Photos by John Koethe)


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2 responses to “Shocking and amazing! Roadside attractions in the Driftless area

  1. Love the squash photo; we have many similar ones! I love driving around finding roadside attractions, too. My blog, “Go BIG or Go Home,” chronicles what happens when my small-town family visits the “world’s largest”…whatever! There are a lot of big things in Wisconsin!

  2. Traci — thanks! I love the idea behind your blog, I’ll check it out right away.

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