Memo to Mother Nature Re: Earlier memo

Thank you for your response to my earlier memo. I apologize for the somewhat harsh tone, but I hope you understand that I had waited many weeks before issuing my complaint in hopes that your usual customer service patterns would emerge. When they did not, I felt compelled to speak up.

Since our last correspondence, I have been pleased with your staff’s prompt follow-up. Please pass along my thanks to the clouds for moving along (I hope they enjoy their new assignment), to the increasing performance of the temperatures, and the restraint the precipitation has exhibited. Very nice indeed.

Friends, family and colleagues report they are very pleased with my improved mood. Also, the tomatoes on my balcony that had been green for a month immediately began ripening. I’d love to share some with you, stop by any time and maybe we can patch things up. No hard feelings, I hope?

Please enjoy your holiday weekend as much as I am enjoying mine.

Sincere regards,


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