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I heart office supplies

I would rather browse through an Office Depot than a jewelry store or a chocolate shop. It’s true and I am proud of it. Some might think I save a lot of money and calories this way, and that’s probably right, but let me tell you an Office Supply Habit can put a dent in a girl’s budget and exercise routine.

But I digress.

I plan to spend more time writing about Office Supplies in this blog, but first I want to share my top 10 list of Office Supply Cravings.

Aren't they beautiful? (Faber-Castell photo)

1. A recently sharpened pencil with a fresh eraser. Not the mechanical kind.

2. Good-quality binders in interesting colors and designs. Must have pockets.

3. Desk organizers, subset: file holders. Molded plastic does not count.

4. Desk organizers, subset: things with drawers. Molded plastic might be acceptable.

5. A Sharpie. Color and size of point varies by mood and necessity.

6. A Pica Pole, a.k.a. Line Gauge. (Once upon a time I would have included a Proportion Wheel, and if you know what I’m talking about you probably know why.)

7. Anything you can tack a note, photo or reminder to. Bulletin boards included.

8. Boutique file folders, the shamelessly impractical expensive kind printed with beautiful patterns and colors.

9. Binder inserts that zip or snap for additional storage.

10. A tie between Post-It Notes and Boxes that somehow do exactly what you need them to in exactly the space you need them to fit into. The box thing is a bad craving to have, because you can never really stop searching. Or needing.

Binders by Outblush.

In upcoming posts I will explore my Top 10.5 in more depth, post some Office Supply Porn (you’ll love the new green organizer collection I found!), examine the deep-rooted needs underlying my obsession, and more.

Meanwhile, if anyone’s reading …

What’s in your Top Ten?



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